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moonstone + rosewood
moonstone + rosewood
moonstone + rosewood
moonstone + rosewood
moonstone + rosewood

moonstone + rosewood

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6mm fair trade moonstone beads, lightly flecked with tourmaline, paired with deep, rich rosewood, and accented with fair trade brass details.


r o s e w o o d :  protective and nurturing, rosewood helps you manifest your desires and deepen your spiritual connection.

m o o n s t o n e :  dreamy and intuitive, moonstone supports you as you go after your dreams, helps you connect with your intuition, and offers patience along the way.


Part of the L I M I N A L collection. Inspired by the witchy energy of late October, paper-thin veils between the worlds, dissolving boundaries, portals to other realms. A magical time that reveals life and death, light and dark, illumination and shadow. The play between the two. That liminal space. 



* Perfect as a stand-alone piece or stacked with other bracelets.

* Packaged with care in simple, eco-friendly, rustic style packaging.

* Strung on stretch cord for easy on and off.

* All of the materials I work with are carefully selected and beautifully unique. Please allow for the subtle variations that make each piece so special.

* Handmade with love by me in my home studio in Sacramento, California.

s i z i n g

extra small : 6.5 inches
small : 7 inches
medium : 7.5 inches
large : 8 inches
extra large : 8.5 inches

To make sure your bracelet fits just right, measure your wrist using a soft tape measure or a string. Measure your wrist at the wrist bone, and add ½ - ¾ inch for a comfortable fit. You can always choose a slightly smaller or larger size depending on your personal fit preference.