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floral wheel + peridot ear adornments

floral wheel + peridot ear adornments

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These earrings feature beautiful raw peridot crystals dangling from brushed gold vermeil floral wheels and 14k gold filled hooks.

Peridot, August's birthstone, with its vibrant green hue and its bright and abundant energy feels to me like a refreshing burst of citrus on a hot summer's day.


p e r i d o t

harmonious and compassionate, peridot helps us detach from negative influences and trust our own inner guidance, ushering in financial and spiritual abundance and a sense of well-being and gratitude.


*** 1.75 inches from top of ear wire to bottom of peridot ***


* Packaged with care in simple, eco-friendly, rustic style packaging.

* Handmade with love by me in my home studio in Sacramento, California.