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wintering ritual box
wintering ritual box
wintering ritual box

wintering ritual box

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welcome to ritual.


 a curated box all about aligning with winter.


inside you'll find my favorite ritual tools, sourced intentionally, to create rituals that elevate the mundane to the mystical. 


your ritual kit includes ...


1.  My absolute favorite ritual oil by my friend Kat at Sacred River Apothecary. Seriously, all my other oils are jealous because this is my absolute go to. Enhance any ritual simply by rubbing this magical potion between your palms, bring it to your face, and inhale deeply. Apply it to the body as fragrance to elevate your everyday moments. Rub it on sore shoulders and tired muscles. It is an absolute balm. Infused with healing CBD, this ritual oil's primary notes are that of woodsy Palo Santo, complimented by sweet almond, apricot, cedarwood, black pepper, sweet orange, and warm vanilla. It is DIVINE.


2.  Ethically sourced + sustainably harvested white sage bundle. To cleanse, purify, and deepen your ritual practice.


3.  A 100% natural beeswax tea light candle. Long burning + naturally aromatic. Candle magic is such a powerful practice, especially in these dark winter months. Use in an elaborate ritual or simply light the flame and watch it dance.


4. A hand carved jade Buddha, in a deep emerald green and earthy brown hue. He can adorn your altar space. You can hold him while meditating. He has a little hole in his topknot so you could even string him and wear him, take him with you, hang him from your rearview mirror and create a little car altar. The possibilities are endless.


5. A vintage brass bookmark with crescent moon + stars motif. For your morning reading, your sacred texts, your journal.


May the spirit of winter hold you gently.