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In some ways, 2020 has done for me what I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do for myself.

Pre-pandemic, I had other jobs. And I wouldn’t have called them jobs. I’d have called them callings or vocations, they meant that much to me.

And one by one, covid took those off my plate. And I clung to some of them, not fully trusting the invitation. Until finally I had to let go.

And the letting go was not without grief. I deeply grieved those losses. Those callings I thought made me who I was.

But who I was is not who I am. And who I am wanted very much to pursue this creative business endeavor with all my inspiration and attention and energy. And who I was kept holding on to the things that I had brought me this far.

Enter 2020 and the invitation.

And in true 2020 fashion, the invitation was not so subtle and in no uncertain terms. And only because it was so adamant, was I able to accept it.

And for awhile, let’s be real, there was a net. A bit of unemployment benefit, for which I am grateful. But that net hasn’t been there for awhile now. And I’m still here. And it’s working.

So if you’ve made it this far, thank you. That’s what I should have probably led with, and the entire point of all this.


You made this possible. It is because of YOU, that the beauty I love is what I do. Not part time. Not as a side hustle. All the fucking time.

Thank you.
I see you.
I love you.
I value you.

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