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you. are. magic.


Hi! I'm Dawn, maker of magic bracelets + creator of Elevate.  I make each piece with love + intention at my home studio in Sacramento, California. High vibe crystals, sustainably harvested woods, and an appreciation for a subtle, elegant aesthetic blend together to create something that feels unique + meaningful.

I believe we all have magic inside us.  The stones, with their vibrational energies, simply amplify the magic that is already within so you can see it, feel it, and live in it.

my creative path ...

A shy kid, I remember spending hours making friendship bracelets + potpourri sachets, sorting + studying pretty stones.  I had never really considered myself creative, until a high school ceramics class introduced me to my own creativity + the idea that art was more than just drawing + painting.  In college, after trying on many more practical fields of study, I returned to art and got my degree.

But life took me in another direction. I became a yoga teacher, a vocation that I've been blessed to inhabit for the last decade or so.

And because I loved it so much, I told myself it didn't matter that I wasn't making anymore, because now I was doing purposeful, meaningful work.


 But that still, small voice kept insisting.

I had always been drawn to malas + adornments that hold deep meaning. From the friendship bracelets of childhood to the artisan bracelets I collect from each country I travel to, I love me a good stack of bracelets. More than mere decoration, it's about the meaning + symbolism + energy.  I used these bracelets of reminders of who I was + where I had been.   

After years of dabbling in jewelry making, a casual hobby at best, the turning point came in fall of 2017 when I took a yoga + mala making workshop with Bex Urban + Sacha Korellis at Love Story Yoga in San Francisco. 

I was introduced to the world of crystals + sandalwood.  They worked their weird + wonderful magic on me. 

Within a week, things started shifting. I got clarity where there had previously been confusion. Relationships opened up. Serendipitous opportunities presented themselves.  There was no denying it, something was happening.

I became a believer.

I believe in the power of the stones + crystals + sacred woods.  But more than that, I believe in the power of people.  Beautiful, magnificent, creative, radiant souls. 

I believe we all have magic inside us.  But sometimes we need help to see it, access it, and put it to use in our lives.  I make each piece with the intention that these sacred woods & stones amplify that magic within you so you can ...

see it,
feel it,
believe in it,
and live in it.  


Since then, it has all unfolded so organically.  After participating in a small Maker's Fair at my local yoga studio, I was invited to several other events and someone generously offered to help me build a website.  All of a sudden, I was in the magic bracelet business!

I love how it blends so beautifully what previously had seemed like disparate interests - aesthetics, spirituality, adornment, symbolism, personal development, and self realization.  It feels like this has been my path all along.  I was never not coming here.




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