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2023 word of the year reflection


My word of the year for 2023 was GATHER.

There were successes. There were ways I fell short. And there were ways this idea showed up that were beyond what I had imagined.

What I had envisioned when I chose this word last January, was that I wanted to host beautiful, connective gatherings in my new home. Seasonal workshops. Quarterly Pop ups. Monthly moon circles. Occasional card games and pool parties.

And much of that I did. Though not nearly with the ambitious frequency that I had envisioned.

Turns out that is waaaaaaaaaay more gathering than my little introvert heart wants to be responsible for.

Instead of 24ish gatherings, I hosted workshops. 1 solo pop up. 2 multi-maker markets. And a few private gatherings.

I could view this as a failure or shortcoming, but actually I consider this a win. Even though I fell short of the vision, I honored my energy and my capacity. This is not something I’ve always done in the past and I’m thrilled to be integrating this way of being more and more into my life.

And what I discovered, in my yearning for gathering, is that what I really want is connection. And for me personally, I don’t need to gather as often as I thought to feel that connection. Each of these 9ish experiences were rich and fulfilling enough to tide me over til the next. I never felt lonely or lost or without my people.

There were a few ways I gathered this year that weren’t necessarily part of my vision, but that served to fill my connection cup nonetheless.

One was our @meltintoyin retreat in October. A truly magical experience. To be invited to hold space, create, connect, and gather in circle with other women and share rest + ritual practices that are so near and dear to me, it was just so deeply meaningful.

Second was attending other people’s workshops. I love the magic that happens when I show up and allow myself to be guided in a new experience.

Third was continuing to gather online with the #rayoflightcommunity. Even though I was craving IRL experiences, I paradoxically gained a greater appreciation for online connections. These are just as real and true to me. And I don’t have to leave my house. Or clean it.

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