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4 years


Today marks four years officially in business.

Four years of living, breathing, loving, existing within, and owning my creative power.

Of course the seeds of elevate were really sown long before that day. But that day was a pivot point.

It was the day I named her.

The day I hired my friend to make my vision of a logo into an actual logo.

The day I got my business license.

The day I took the leap.

Believe me when I tell you I NEVER would have dreamed I’d own a business. I always considered myself a follower. And averse to risk. And a lover of security. Unconventional security, but security nonetheless.

And having a small business is none of those things. But oh my goodness, it is so much more. It’s all those things I never even knew to dream up for myself and somehow the universe interceded and nudged me toward exactly what I needed.

And it seems silly now to look back at that previous version of myself. The one who thought a creative business was an audacious dream, one meant for others more confident and sure of themselves than me.

Because the current me can not imagine it any other way. The current me knows that I was born for this. The current me did not need (but it was so affirming to have) my astrologer to tell me - you are a born entrepreneur. It was written in the stars.

And to all of you on this journey with me, thank you for being here. From new friends to those who’ve been with me from the beginning, I am so grateful for you. It is true that I have met just the BEST people through this.

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