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579 trees

You guys. Feeling all the feels over here. Through your purchases this Earth Day weekend, we planted 579 trees!!! Can you freaking believe it?!

I am in absolute awe over this. For a couple of reasons.

🌲 Reason #1: In many ways trees were my first love. Before romantic love. Before pet love. Before the love of belonging to a community. Even before rocks and crystals, I experienced the divine through trees. I was, and am, in utter awe of them. Give me a choice between the forest and the ocean (or any other landscape), I choose forest. When we contemplated where we would move, Sacramento had us with her trees. I wrote a whole blog post awhile back on my love of trees and what they’ve meant to me.

So to be able to give back through planting trees feels so very right to me.

🌲 Reason #2: I grew up in a home where the energy around money was one of scarcity. In reality, I can look back and see that we were fine, our needs (and much of our wants) were met. But the felt experience was one of scarcity.

I’ve also been an under-earner for my entire life, until very recently. In my efforts to avoid the corporate world at all costs, I found myself in jobs that focused on experiences - in coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries, and yoga studios - jobs that are in many cases, spiritually rewarding, but financially … not so much.

So even as this business has grown into an actual thing, a financially sustainable, viable thing, and even as I’ve done deep work to develop a mindset of abundance, those last remnants of scarcity still haunt my shadowy corners.

To be honest, though I donate to causes in my personal life, and I’ve donated a percentage of sales here and there for special causes, I’ve been hesitant to commit to an ongoing donation project with my business. What if I need that money down the line? What if? What if? What if? My tendency is to hoard. You know, just in case.

So to be able to give so abundantly and to know that these 579 trees are just the beginning of more to come, again, feels so very right to me.

This project doesn’t end here. Moving forward, every order you place with me, plants a tree.

This is only the beginning, my friends.

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