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a case for constancy + reveling in the plateau

Looking back on past work. Past selves. Past lives.

They say that’s what retrogrades are for. Pausing. Looking back. Taking stock of where we’ve been. How far we’ve come. Course correcting if needed.

And while there have been some personal changes for me over this past year (new kitten, new house), this little jewelry biz has remained remarkably constant.

And it feels good.

I think we’re sometimes taught that that constancy is to be avoided. That it’s all about growth and innovation and pushing boundaries, pushing limits, meeting big, audacious sales goals.

I reject that.

And it’s an effort to reject it. Because I, too, have been steeped in the culture of growth for growth’s sake.

And as an enneagram one and an aquarius sun (both hard core reformer types) I can get real caught up in growth and change. I am, without a doubt, here for the revolution.

It’s just that I just think the revolution looks a lot like slowing down. Doing it differently. Rejecting what capitalism has brainwashed us into believing. Noticing when enough really is enough. Realizing that the abundance we seek is already here.

Someone asked me the other day where I see this jewelry business going, what is my vision.

And my answer was…

I’m kind of already doing it. This IS the vision. Creating sacred adornment as my job. Making each + every piece myself. Selling magic beads at farmers markets. And meeting the coolest people doing so.

This is it.

And so my message to you (and to myself) this new moon is this:

Don’t fear the plateau.
The plateau is a beautiful place.
That steadiness.
That constancy.
That stable, sturdiness beneath you
that allows you to soften,
to relax,
to trust,
to rest,
to receive.

And because everything is cyclical, you (I) will be in a growth phase soon enough.

But let’s just give ourselves permission to enjoy the rest. To really revel and delight in it.

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