a full circle story

Malachite was my very first crystal connection.

I was a kid. About seven or eight. We had to give back our cocker spaniel puppy. It just wasn’t working out.

My brother and I rode with my dad to Woodland to return the puppy from whence it came.

I was inconsolable.

On the way back, we stopped in Vacaville. At the Nut Tree. Each of us kids got to pick something out.

I picked one of those suede pouches full of stones. There were various little chips and tumbles.

But the best, the very best, was a malachite egg. It became my most cherished thing.

It helped to heal my little girl heart.

And all these many years later, it has circled back for me.

I had slowly been accumulating malachite for about a year. I had been a bit intimidated to actually work with it. It’s a powerhouse, no doubt.

A few months ago, I finally felt ready to work with it. And released a collection. It seemed to resonate with others too.

Then on Monday, I realized that I had made a horrible miscalculation. I accidentally oversold two pieces. Meaning two wonderful humans had placed orders online and I did not have enough malachite beads to complete their orders.


And malachite is not one of those things I am willing to buy online, sight unseen.

So I started calling local bead shops. Unfortunately they are fewer and fewer these days. I found one about 30 minutes away.

Not paying much attention to where exactly I was going, I plugged the location into google maps and headed out.

And ended up in Vacaville.
At the Nut Tree.
Thirty something years later.
Seeking malachite.

And it was not lost on me that this was a full circle moment.

That the little girl who had intuitively known that pretty rocks would heal her heart, was now a grown woman, who after many MANY attempts at other endeavors, finally found her home again with those pretty rocks.

Healing her heart.
And helping others heal theirs.

My heart floods, and I am reminded of this poem by Hafiz.

“This place where you are right now,
God circled on a map.
And wherever, darling,
you can move against this earth and sky,
the Beloved has bowed there, knowing,
knowing you were coming.”

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