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a hard good-bye



We had to say goodbye to our sweet baby girl today. She’s in kitty heaven now.

Incurable bone cancer at only 5 years old. It escalated quickly. We were in no way ready to say goodbye.

She was my first. My first pet. My first cat. The one who made me the crazy cat lady I am today.

Her snugs were epic. (The last slide was one of our last snugs together). She refused to do her business in a box, instead insisting on the porcelain of the tub. She loved to roll around in the dirt. Laze in the sun. She had the softest grey fur ever.

Our Fiona. Our Boopsie. Boops McGoops. Miss thing. Her majesty. Fiona the grey.

We love you, sweet baby girl. Our lives are so much richer having known you.

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