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ancestral healing


This onyx ancestor necklace was one of the first things to sell out in this release, but I still think she deserves her moment to shine.

Inspired by a locket my grandmother once had, the North Star, a symbol of hope + cosmic guidance, all those little onyx beads like pearls of wisdom passed down. (Swipe to see grandma’s locket that I gratefully inherited.)

And I’ll mention this here, because I get asked about this a lot when I talk about the ancestors, of course it’s complicated.

I speak of the ancestors with love and tenderness now because I’ve been working through this shit for a decade.

They gave us strengths and they gave us trauma. It’s part of the messiness of being human.

And I think it’s normal for our minds to want to categorize. We only look at the good and we glorify and romanticize our ancestors. Or we only look at the bad, the trauma, the shortcomings, all the healing we’ve had to do as a result and we vilify them.

And as with most things, it’s never either/or. It’s always both/and.

So it is in that messy, complicated, both/and place that I come to my ancestor practice. To me, it is a way to connect with them in a way I couldn’t when we (or if we) were both embodied in our messy human forms.

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