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Beauty matters.

Is it an efficient use of my time to rewind my stretch cord on these wooden spools? Maybe not.

But is it worth it for the amount of joy I get seeing my materials everyday lovingly displayed on rich brown wood instead of garishly stickered plastic? Yes. Yes, it is. A hundred times yes.

And I used to be a little embarrassed by these quirks of mine, this desire to have everything be just so. I thought it made me superficial and frivolous. Really, with all that’s going on in the world, who cares about wooden spools?

But beauty matters. It matters to me. It’s one of my core values. And one I’m no longer ashamed to admit. Surrounding myself and others with beauty is one of the great joys of my life.

And it matters to the world. Beauty takes this world, that can be so harsh, so cruel, and so unfair, and gives us sweet moments of respite amongst it all.

Sometimes it is shockingly, stunningly, stop you in your tracks beauty. Sometimes it’s so subtle you don’t even consciously recognize it. But it somehow permeates into you anyway. In ways, big and small, beauty enriches us. And makes the world a better place.

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