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beauty in boundaries, limitations, parameters

Early days.

Way back when, there was a time all my supplies fit neatly onto one tray.

Much has changed since then. Much.

Back then, I was living in scarcity. Or the illusion of it. Just starting to open myself up to shifting into a more abundant mindset.

I didn’t know if this was gonna be a thing, this fledgling little jewelry enterprise. So I entered as I entered most things back then. Cautiously. Hemming and hawing over every little expense.

And as my mindset shifted into abundance, and my business grew, my purse strings loosened. Expenses became investments. And my tastes grew more expensive.

And like a pendulum, I swung from one extreme to the other. From barely enough to much too much.

And because I draw my inspiration from my materials, too many materials means too much inspiration.

Is there such a thing? Turns out, for me, there is.

I thought it was all my air energy that gave me an abundance of ideas + inspiration. So many ideas, not enough time to execute. In essence, I traded one form of scarcity for another. Money scarcity turned into time scarcity.

And maybe that’s part of it, all that air energy.

But it’s also my abundance of supplies. And my propensity for more.

Hi. I’m the problem. It’s me.

And I don’t say this to self flagellate. I say this with so much self compassion. I think this pendulum swing is a totally normal part of how we learn. And actually it feels like a relief, this revelation.

If I scale back my supplies, my options, my choices, all the permutations available to me, I also scale back my overwhelm, my decision fatigue, my illusion of time scarcity.

And I share this because it feels true in other areas of my life as well.

If I scale back my wardrobe choices, it’s easier to get dressed.

If I scale back my book choices, it’s easier to read.

If I scale back where and who I put my energy into, it’s easier to connect.

And so I am here, rediscovering the beauty in limitations, parameters, boundaries.


  • Love your work and perspective

  • Beautiful thoughts here💙

    Becca Moss

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