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I admit I often cringe when I hear the word gratitude. I don’t know why exactly. Something about trying to put words around something, that when it truly enters your heart, completely defies description.

A course I’m taking has suggested doing a 30 item gratitude list for 30 days. This concept is nothing new. I’ve been introduced to this idea on many occasions. And I am met with resistance every time.

It may be that lists are just not where I feel gratitude. And that’s ok. I’m still giving it a chance, sticking with it long enough for it to work it’s magic on me.

Where I tend to feel gratitude, really feel it, where it sweeps me up and makes me weep, is in quiet moments of beauty. The slanting late afternoon light. A work of art. Weathered wood.

I am a big fan of the enneagram as a tool for self study. I’m a one. The perfectionist. The reformer. Highly idealistic, prone to seeing things in black and white, right and wrong.

I was listening to the Art of Growth podcast and they said something on the recent enneagram one panel that hit so close to home, it took the wind out of me.

They said that for ones, there’s right and wrong. And then there’s beautiful. Beautiful is a whole different category. Beautiful completely takes us out of our binary thinking.


Beautiful is my gateway. Into source. Into the divine. Into a real and genuine gratitude that fills me all over, inside out, head to toe, bones to skin.

Any other enneagram fans out there? What’s your number? Any recent 🤯 discoveries?

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