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 Hi there!

I’m Dawn, maker + creator of elevate.

After majoring in art in college, not seeing a clear path forward, I put creativity aside to follow another passion - yoga. I’ve taught yoga for almost 12 years now, and while I find that enormously purposeful, something was missing.

After casually making malas and jewelry for myself for years, I took a workshop with Bex Urban + Sasha Korellis. I was introduced to the weird + wonderful world of crystals + sandalwood. And everything changed. 

I became obsessed with making bracelets and thrilled to rediscover my creativity. The business developed quite surprisingly and organically after doing a couple maker fairs at yoga studios.

Since then I have been continually amazed by how much this little endeavor both feeds my soul and challenges me. It’s weird but it feels like this has been my path all along. I was never not coming here.

Some other random facts about me :

• Obsessed with personality typing. Enneagram one. INFJ (heavy on the I). Questioner. Aquarius.

• Vegetarian. Aspiring vegan, but I love cheese. So much. I mean, nachos, come on.

• Hot, sweaty, transformative, life altering yoga is my jam.

• Sober + recovering out loud.

• Moved from the Bay Area to Sacramento last year and could not be more thrilled. Trees!

• Podcast obsessed.

Would love to hear from you. What are you into these days?



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