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cancer season nesting

Cancer season has found me nesting and tending to home with renewed fervor.

I have long felt adorning our homes and spaces is just as sacred as adorning our selves.

Every morning I spend some time in my green chair, grounding myself for the day. Opposite that chair is a wall. This wall has gone through a few iterations of decor. I liked each iteration well enough for awhile, until I was over it.

And as I gazed at that wall recently, contemplating its next chapter, I realized that I had been holding back.

What I’ve really wanted all this time is a full-on, floor-to-ceiling gallery wall. What I’ve settled for, in the past, has been an inoffensive strip of pieces across the wall. 

I held back, not wanting to go too far, do too much, lest it be too over the top. And in holding back, I’ve been not quite ever really satisfied with it.

I’m sure you see the metaphor here.

So this time, for better or for worse, we’re going full on. Maybe I’ll regret it somewhere down the line. Maybe I’ll have to dial it back. But at least I will have given that true vision a chance.


So this is where we are. It’s still a work in progress. These are just snippets. *Trying* to be patient and let it evolve.

I love where we’re going though. Works by local artists. Antique botanical drawings. Mementos from our travels. Ancestors. Deities. Old projects from art school. Crystals.

And I know this will be too much for some people’s taste. I know minimalism is all the rage. But it feels like a beautiful, honest reflection of what I want to surround myself with.

So maybe this is permission, too, for you to do the thing you really want to do. To not hold back any longer. To give it a shot. To trust that vision, that dream, that desire was put in your heart for a reason. To become manifest.

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