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inviting in rest + relaxation


A few years ago, I began to intentionally invite more rest + relaxation into my life.

Up until that point, I thought rest was what you do once overwork has brought you to collapse. I thought relaxation was a luxury afforded to others more well off.

I have come to believe, like actually truly believe in my bones, that rest and relaxation are our birthright.

This may not seem revolutionary to you. It was to me.

And over the past few years, in addition to reprogramming my mind, I have practiced.

I have napped when the to-do list wasn’t done.

I have taken time off even when inspiration was right there calling to me.

I have spent slow luxurious mornings producing nothing.

I have set aside hours, and days, and weekends, and weeks to relax.

And not because I earned it through my hard work. Because I am worthy of it, as we all are, just because.

And it has been uncomfortable at times. Old stories come up that tell me I need to be productive, contribute, hustle for my worthiness.

And I have stayed. Even within the discomfort. I have practiced resting. I have practiced relaxing.

And after years of practice, I can say there has been much progress. Those old stories come up less and less. My mind and body and spirit have softened. Rest has settled in. Relaxation is a frequent and well loved guest.

So this is me, soaking in the hot springs, compliments of my fancy pants husband, who is a pro level relaxer, and shows me how it’s done.

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