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it all comes together


In my twenties, and truth be told most of my thirties, I was desperately searching for the thing. Purpose. Passion. The reason I’m here. What I’m meant to contribute to this strange and wonderful and heartbreaking world.

It took me 10 years to get a 4 year degree. I changed my mind so many times. So many times, I thought I had found the thing, only to have that interest seemingly fizzle out or discover it’s not the thing I thought it was.

Here are some of my things:

Unconventional retail/coffee shop/bookstore
Art history
Community events

And as it turns out none of these were the thing.
Because they were all parts of the thing. The thing, as it turns out, is a beautiful messy potion of all the things that came before it.

And there was no way I could have known how exquisitely it would all come together.

I had no idea those rabbit holes gone down and then seemingly discarded were really just quietly simmering in the background. That all those disparate threads would somehow weave themselves together.

Last night at our small business mastermind, I had the gift of witnessing this same phenomenon in others. Day jobs that wove their way into hobbies. Side hustles that became an unstoppable creative fire within. Self healing that became collective offerings. Major life transitions that catalyzed new ways of working and creating and being.

And the women there were all at different places in their journeys. Some just starting out, not fully sure of how it all fits together yet. Some further along, who could see their own connections and have built that trust in the grand unfolding.

What a gift to witness one another and be witnessed.

To anyone who is in that messy middle of not yet knowing how it all comes together, this is for you:

Trust, sweet one. I have seen the future. It all comes together so, so beautifully. Every little seed of desire and interest and curiosity is planted in you for a reason. You are here to collect these seemingly random ingredients and make magic with them. This is your unique offering. This is your gift

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