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looking back

Thanking my past self for all the hard work she put in. Seriously that girl did me solid.

Overcame addiction. With help. Lots of help.

Studied art. Even though it wasn’t practical.

Went to yoga.

Went to therapy.

Kept going to yoga and therapy.

Read all the books + listened to all the podcasts.

Went to that one workshop that changed everything even though she felt anxious.

Traveled and saw cool stuff.

Established healthy boundaries.

Made friends. Real, supportive, clutch friends.

Got married. What?!

Started a business. What?!

Now don’t get me wrong, that girl fucked up too. Mistakes were made. But I’ve spent enough time analyzing her fuck ups and feeling like I couldn’t trust her.

But that was only part of the story. This is the other part. The part where she persisted. And did hard, hard things. So that present me can be where I am today.

And so I’m done dismissing and mistrusting her. Today I acknowledge and celebrate and thank her.

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