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magic, tarot, and other ~happy horsehit~

Lately I’m finding magic in little shifts.

For example, I’ve done a year ahead spread practice for a few years now. It’s fun to pull my cards in January, but honestly I’ve found myself rarely referring back to it throughout the year. And the times that I have, don’t seem as rich and revelatory as I desire them to be.

So, we’re switching it up a bit. Same practice. Different cards. I’d been using tarot cards for my previous pulls, beautifully illustrated, eloquently described. However, turns out I’m not familiar enough with tarot to have an immediate sense of the card. And sure, I could develop that, I could learn, read the blogs, simmer and sit with the card until it reveals itself to me.

But that’s not what I find myself actually doing. I find myself putting it off, thinking I’ll get to it later, and then not getting to it.

I could shed the practice entirely. Maybe it’s just not for me.

OR, and this is what I’ve chosen to do, I just use different cards. Mind blowing, I know.

Last year for Christmas, my mom gifted me these archetype cards by @the_wild_unknown because even though she considers this kind of thing ~happy horseshit~ she knew I wanted them. Of course it was a bittersweet thing to open them days later after she died.

As I’ve been pulling them throughout this past year, I’ve felt a real connection to these cards. Maybe it’s the connection to my mom. Maybe it’s that these archetypes feel immediately recognizable to me. There’s no translation barrier. The descriptions feel like a lovely reflection of what I already know to be true.

And so, since pulling them on the new moon January 2, I’ve considered and felt guided by this year ahead spread more in the last 12 days than I usually do in a whole year.

So that one little shift has had a big impact on how I resonate with this practice.

And I’ve found this to be true in a lot of my rituals + routines lately. I chose my own word of the year, instead of having it chosen for me. I changed the location of my altar space. I’m delaying all specific planning until February, dedicating the entire month of January to clearing + resting + easing.

Little shifts. Big magic.

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