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my most worn pieces

My most worn pieces. Each holds a story.

The rosewood, charmed with a vintage Indian coin with the number 2. My lucky number. One of the first pieces I made and kept for myself when this jewelry adventure became a business. Years later, I wore it all over India. So many memories stored in that piece.

The sandalwood wrap. I wore this one to brunch one day to test it out and I rarely took it off the entire next year. Its meditative energy, its propensity for increasing awareness served me well as I moved, made a new home, grew my little fledgling business. Its lotus flower reminded me of my own resilience and growth. Its darkened, burnished color, a testament to my constant wear.

Dalmatian jasper, that special speckled stone, bringing luck and always, always delivering me to my true purpose.

Faceted smoky quartz, to ground me. I am all air energy - vata - Aquarius and this one helps keep my feet planted on earth.

Labradorite, my forever favorite. The one I am drawn to like no other. I taught my first workshop in that one. It helped me trust my own intuition and start to believe that I had something special to offer.

The brass, custom made for someone else, but turns out it was meant for me.

Not every piece becomes a keeper of stories and memories. But for those that do, something magical happens. Object becomes treasure.

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