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our new home

Meet Bernadette. Our new home.

3ish years ago I was a yoga teacher living in the Bay Area. Believe me when I tell you I did not think home ownership was EVER going to be a possibility for me. So I closed off my mind + my heart to it, convinced myself I didn’t want it anyway.

Until things came to a head, as they are prone to do, and I was forced to admit what I really wanted. I wanted a home.

But shit, how in the world is that gonna happen? It looked like baby steps on the ground + huge mindset shifts in the head.

The baby steps. Knowing we couldn’t stay in the Bay Area, we looked around. We roadtripped. In the end, we did as so many before us have done, and we moved to Sacramento.

We fell in love. The trees. The people. The pace. The community. Also the trees. Did I mention the trees?

So we moved. We rented an apartment + kept baby stepping. Put a house on my vision board. Sought help from a financial advisor.

Then there were the mindset shifts. I read books about money mindset + did the exercises. I listened to podcasts. I tracked my finances. After a lifetime of feeling poor, my mindset started to shift from a place of scarcity to one of enough. Not abundance, and frankly that’s not really my goal. Enough is actually enough. I’m good with enough.

Then there was the timing. There were certain reasons why we needed to wait a bit. The waiting made me graspy, fearful. What if we wait too long, the prices go up, we get priced out of Sacramento and we have to go live in Bakersfield or some other godforsaken place?! (Sorry Bakersfield, I haven’t actually been there, perhaps you’re lovely 🤷‍♀️)

So I worked to shift from a graspy, fearful energy to one of gratitude for where I am right here, right now and trusting in the Universe. That things will unfold as their meant to. That I will be held and taken care of, not left behind.

My husband and I had some tough conversations.

Once all the background work was done, it happened quickly, almost effortlessly. First day of looking, third house we saw. We loved her. Signed the papers today. We move in 10 days. Pinching myself because you guys, I can’t believe this is actually happening

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