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remember when

Remember when you once longed for where you are now?

I’ve been having that feeling lately.

I am over the moon thrilled that I will be co-teaching at a gorgeous, magical @meltintoyin retreat off the central coast this October.

And it feels like it’s been years in the making.

In 2019, I lead an intention bracelet workshop at a weekend yoga retreat. I absolutely adored this experience. Though I had lead workshops before, within the container of the retreat, there was an added level of depth + connection.

Just as I was saying “thank you more of this please” to the retreat experience, 2020 happened. And the whole world shut down.

And in a way that is only clear to me now, I had my own retreat. Solo. Self directed. Rest. Ritual. Reprogramming my productivity mindset. Slowing way the fuck down.

In 2022, my friend Kelly @meltintoyin led a weekend long yin experience @purelyhotyoga and asked me to make a special keepsake for the goodie bags.

I made these bracelets. Fragrant Indian sandalwood with a single moonstone. Moonstone for all that dreamy intuitive receptive yin energy.

I also got to attend that retreat and what a truly nurturing experience it was.

Earlier this year, I made more retreat gifts. Simple moonstone necklaces for @tammisalas Ray of Light retreat. The stars didn’t align for me to attend that that one, but I’m sure it was absolute magic.

And here we are now, as I am preparing to teach some of my absolute favorite things - intention bracelets and altar creation - at a retreat that’s theme is rest + ritual.

And it could not feel more aligned or meant to be. I am so very grateful + excited for the magic that is to happen there. (Link in bio for all the deets)

And so this is me putting it out there into the universe. Thank you. More of this please. More retreats. More connection. More circles. More magic.

And if you are a retreat leader and want to add intention bracelet or altar creation workshops to your offerings, let me know.

Or if you just need pretty, intentional things for your goody bags, I offer wholesale discounts (on jewelry and crystals) and love to custom make beauties that are aligned with the theme of your retreat.

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