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revelations of a reluctant entrepreneur


The truth is I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. That was never the dream. Even now, the word feels strange to me.

The unconventionality of it wasn’t the problem. My entire life has been an avoidance of the 9 to 5. Working instead in coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries, and yoga studios.

It was the idea of instability and risk that was a hard no for this play-it-safe girl. I thought I needed to work for someone else, have them assume the risk, so I could have the stability.

But the truth is playing it safe only led to decades spent in a cycle of overwork and underpay.

This is no shade on any of my previous employers, most of whom I love dearly. In the Bay Area, where I grew up + lived + worked most of my life, it’s just a sad truth that those service-based jobs don’t make for a prosperous living in one of the most expensive places in the world.

The supreme irony is that, now several years into my business, this is the most prosperous, abundant, and stable form of income I’ve ever had.

There are myths out there, stories that have been told to us over and over, that artists have to starve. That the only existence available to the creatives + makers + artists of the world is one of struggle + insecurity + poverty.

It is simply not true.

There are artists + makers + creatives + small business owners out there living their most aligned + abundant lives. I know them. I am one of them.

My astrologer says my chart is that of a born entrepreneur. This was always in the cards. This life was never not coming for me.

I look around at my life now. And I am in awe. A life of freedom + creativity + flowing with my own rhythms. I had no idea this life existed.

So now, apparently, I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops (or at least write long, earnest captions on IG).


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