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the big announcement

I’ve been teasing it for awhile now. Remember that thing I was trying to manifest during Lion’s Gate that didn’t happen but then the something better happened? That thing.

Well the details have been worked out and the ink is dry (yes I signed a shit ton of papers during mercury retrograde and I’m not even tripping because this feels so aligned).

✽ ᴡᴇ ʙᴏᴜɢʜᴛ ᴀ ɴᴇᴡ ʜᴏᴜsᴇ ✽

She’s a gorgeous little jewel of a cottage in Curtis Park. With a pool. And plenty of room to gather (hint hint).

More on that later.

What has really struck me in this process is how much you can love a thing, really love it, and still be ready to move on from that thing.

In this case, that thing being our sweet Bernadette. My first home. The home I was so sure would never, could never happen that when it did, I thought all my dreams had come true and I would never ask the universe for another thing again as long as I lived.

She has held us so beautifully these last 3 years. As the photo suggests, we have indeed been very happy here.

As the world seemed to fall apart in all the ways, over and over, she has been our sanctuary. Our safe place to be and create and rest and heal.

And she has been our incubator. That’s the word that keeps coming up for me. She has nurtured us, kept us warm and safe, and allowed us to grow.

And it’s time to move on. Acknowledging this has been a huge lesson in allowing myself to want what I want. Giving my desire permission to exist. It is no easy feat.

I could tell you all the practical reasons why it’s time. But more than that, it’s a feeling. When I saw a home (the one we fell in love with initially, but didn’t end up getting), I saw so clearly.

A vision. Of gatherings. Of our future selves. Of the life ahead of us.

I saw it in vivid detail.

And though we didn’t get that particular home, the vision stuck with me. And there was no saying no to that vision. She demanded to be born.

And then we met our something better. And we are over the moon.

And even as I am so excited about this next home, I am equally grateful, heart-swelling, tears-rolling-down-my-cheeks grateful, for the home that has held us these last few years.

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