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The fall of 2017 found me in a dark + desperate place.

Teaching yoga full-time for a decade had led to burnout. I tried to supplement my income with other endeavors. But it wasn't enough to make ends meet in the Bay Area.

We were living at my mom’s house, which was clearly not a sustainable solution for any of us.

We considered moving, but everything I'd ever known was in the Bay Area - friends, family, community, recovery, yoga, work - and I was holding onto all of it.

I was living in scarcity and could not see a path forward. I felt powerless + incapable. But I continued to search.

One thing my searching led to was a workshop in San Francisco. I nearly didn't make it, my anxiety was so high that day.

But I did make it. And it was a day that changed EVERYTHING for me.

We did our yoga, we sat in circle, we set our intentions, we made our bracelets.

I wore my bracelet every day. Within a week, things started shifting.

I started to feel more agency in my life. There was a slow confidence starting to build. A sense of empowerment.

Outwardly, I began creating again. A decade out of art school, my creativity had become so far removed from me that not once had I considered that someone might pay me for my artistry.

Once I began creating again, I could not be stopped. I was a woman obsessed.

And the universe conspired to help me. Opportunities presented themselves. Synchronicities happened. Mentors appeared.

In the time since, a business has been birthed, one that allows me live a beautiful + fulfilling life of creativity. We moved to Sacramento. Bought a house. Are slowly finding our people up here.

And let's be clear, it wasn't just the bracelet. There was mindset work, journaling, shadow work, recovery work, therapy, and difficult conversations too.

But it started with the workshop. The intentions set there. In community. The bracelet that was a touchstone + container for all those big intentions.

And this is why I am so lit up about leading these workshops. Because I know the power there. I know the shifts they can initiate.

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  • This is an amazing story – thank you for sharing!

    KC Chapman

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