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the one that made me a believer

It’s said by people who know these things that citrine is a powerful manifesting stone.

And I know it to be true.

I was told ... if you need to make shit happen in your life, this is the one. I was cautiously hopeful. I needed to make shit happen.

And happen it did.

I strangely felt motivated + inspired in ways I hadn’t before. The fears + insecurities that usually held me back weren’t gone, but they were quieter. And they seemed to be overridden by this unexplainable surge forward.

Within a week, things started shifting. A new confidence. Serendipitous opportunities. Within a month, I had started experimenting with making bracelets.

And then ...

I was a woman obsessed.






And I put it out there. Into the world. For actual people to see. Which had always been the hard part for me - the letting it be seen.

And then everything changed. People liked it. In fact, they wanted to pay me for it. They wanted to help me start a business around it.

All of a sudden I had a whole new path. Something that feels like coming home to myself. Something that nourishes me in all sorts of weird + wonderful ways.

So yeah. I’d say the shit works.

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