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the pause


One of the rhythms that has so beautifully woven its way into my life is a slow Monday.

There is no alarm. I sleep in. I sip my coffee and stare out the window. I snug with a cat if one will have me. I might go to yoga in the afternoon. I might not. Often a hot bath is involved.

Slow Mondays are both a necessity and a pleasure for me.

A necessity it that, after a full weekend of markets and being amongst people (the best people but people nonetheless) this introvert needs some hardcore alone time.

And my body needs to rest. And be tended to and cared for.

And a pleasure in that, in this slowing down, which started mostly as a response to my body, I’ve realized has really allowed for some deep + meaningful integration.

I find myself not just resting + recovering from the weekend, but reflecting on + processing those experiences.

Lately, today included, I just find myself full of gratitude. What a weekend, I find myself saying.

This past Saturday, and most Saturdays these days, was spent @midtownfarmersmarket surrounded by maker friends, market friends, the cutest dogs, and the most amazing + supportive community. After years of traveling to this market and to that, settling into a “home market” has been such a gift.

This Sunday was spent @bikramyogasanjose - the place where elevate was born - and to be amidst that community once again gave me all the feels. People showed up wearing pieces they bought from me years ago, some from my very first market before this was even a business. They’ve seen me grow and expand and have supported me every step of the way.

And so, on this slow Monday, I find myself deeply in awe of this life, deeply grateful for all the chapters that brought me here, and feeling deeply loved by those around me.

And it’s easy to miss this part. For years I barreled from one thing to the next, not giving space for the pause, for the rest, for the reflection or celebration. When one thing concluded, it was on to the next.

And I say this to remind myself and anyone else who needs to hear it:

Don’t miss the pause.
The pause is so, so good.

Wishing you slowness and a beautiful pause, my friends.

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