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the stones that carried me here

It was 2017. At the time, I was in not a great place. Living with my husband at my mom’s house. Trying to make ends meet as a yoga teacher in the Bay Area. Not knowing how that math was ever gonna add up. My path had purpose, but I was burnt out.

I almost didn’t make it to the workshop that would change my life, my anxiety was so high. In that workshop, we yoga’d. We intentioned. We made our bracelets to lock in said intentions.

Though I had made jewelry for myself for years, I’d never been too picky about my materials. Whatever pretty thing caught my eye. But in this workshop, I was introduced to the energetics of crystals.

I wore that bracelet everyday. Within a week, things started shifting.

I felt a new confidence.

I was strangely motivated + inspired.

Fears that usually held me back weren’t gone, but they were quieter.

The creative part of me that had laid dormant in the decade or so since graduating art school, was awakened.

I began making. With an urgency that seemed to come out of nowhere. I was a woman obsessed.

Could. Not. Stop. Making.

And I put it out there. Into the world. For actual people to see. Which had always been the hard part for me - the letting it be seen.

Serendipitous opportunities presented themselves. And instead of overthinking, I just said yes.

And everything changed. A whole new path opened up. Something that feels like coming home to myself.

It’s been more than 5 years since that workshop. And so much has manifested in that time.

A move.
A business.
A home.
A cat.
Another home.
Another cat.
Mental health.
Emotional health.
Freedom from burnout.
A new way of being.

In the past, I’ve credited this all to citrine, the manifesting stone. You’ve heard me wax poetic about the magic of citrine many times over.

But I realized recently that amazonite was there in that first bracelet too.

Helping me to know my truth.

And feel deeply into it.

To honor + nurture that creative impulse that had been tucked away for so long.

And the courage to put it out there.

To allow it to be seen.

To let it be my offering.

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