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things I'm into lately

Things I’m into lately ...

VINTAGE: I’ve long been a hard core thrift store shopper. I love old things and I love the hunt, the joy of discovering that hidden jewel. But I gotta say I’m kinda loving shopping vintage lately. All the beautiful old things, carefully curated by someone who knows about this stuff. Like this skirt from @shopgoldfeather and all the goodies I got this weekend @custardheart ♥️

PLANTS: trying really hard to actually keep my plants alive this time. I’ve said that before this time I really mean it. I’ve instituted water Wednesdays, I’ve set them up where they actually get sunlight, instead of that dark corner where I think they feel the space nicely. And I take them to @propagatesac when they are sick so Alli can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

RUTILATED QUARTZ: all those golden threads have me swooning. The beauty + the energy of radiance and illumination.

TIBETAN QUARTZ: I went thinking I was going to see what all this Herkimer Diamond fuss was about and instead fell madly in love with its slightly smokier cousin, Tibetan Quartz. Gathered in the Himalayas, at altitudes over 16,000 feet, it is said to carry the wisdom + meditative energies of the Tibetan monks. A beautiful quartz crystal that often has rainbows, and water and graphite inclusions. It has a reputation as one of the most powerful stones of spiritual protection known to us. And they’re freaking gorgeous. And I got a bunch. So stay tuned.

PODCASTS: always podcasts. In my ears lately, in no particular order ...

MOON CYCLES: playing with aligning energetically with the moon phases. It’s been a total game changer. 

ENNEAGRAM: always the enneagram. 1w2. Self pres.

MAKING MY HUSBAND TAKE PICTURES OF ME: even though I feel silly asking. Because the once in a blue moon that I’m actually in a skirt and heels ... that shit needs to be documented.

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