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thoughts on enough




These have been my mantras as of late.

In a culture that tells us we must constantly be growing, more more more, six figure this, seven figure that, I keep reminding myself that there is value in mindfully + intentionally staying small.

I first started thinking about this in the context of business. Someone asked me awhile back what my vision for my business is.

I sat with that for a moment, trying, on the spot, to come up with a bigger dream.

And what welled up inside me, in that moment, was that my vision for my business is pretty much exactly what it is now. To just keep doing what I’m doing. Where I’m doing it. With the people I’m doing it with.

And even though this felt like deep truth to me, it also made me feel a bit uneasy. Like am I allowed to just be content with what is? Am I holding myself back? Am I playing small? Is this a mindset problem? A worthiness problem?

And as I’ve sat with this truth, it’s felt more + more resonant. And the anxiety (that as it turns out, wasn’t even mine, it was just messages I’ve absorbed from outside of myself) has dissipated.

This is it.
I’m already here.

And as this truth around my business sank deeper + deeper into my bones, I realized it was also true in other aspects of my life.

I don’t need to put myself out there more. I am already doing enough.

I don’t need to widen my circle. I already have pretty amazing people in my life.

And all those hobbies + habits + experiences that I feel like I should try (I’m looking at you, vegetable gardening, weaving, bike riding), maybe it’s ok if I never get to them. I already have plenty of things I deeply enjoy. Too many, in fact, to list.

It is enough.
All of it.
It is so much.

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