try easy






I first heard this simple mantra years ago from my friend @natalieaustinwellness and it felt to me then, as it does now, like a deep exhale. A lowering of the load. Tension dissipating.

It felt like truth in my bones.

Scary truth.

Truth that reveals, by contrast, just hard I’d been efforting.

For the first many years of my business, I seemed to have endless energy for it. I am a generator so I tend to have a lot of energy for the things that light me up.

And in that early phase of learning how to business, I was voracious. I listened to all the podcasts, did all the markets, said yes over + over again.

And let me be clear, I was inspired by this. Exhilarated. Yes, there were failures + moments of burnout, but I was lit up + absolutely on fire with what I was creating.

And it served me well.
This is my job now.
My full time, abundant living.

But the thing is there are seasons + cycles to everything. And I’ve been hearing spirit whisper …

~ You’ve built this thing, my dear, and it’s beautiful and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. And you are allowed to slow down now. In fact, you are required to. Your efforts have been potent + powerful. And they are not sustainable. Trust the thing. You don’t have to be so vigilant. What you’ve built will not crumble. ~

And you guys, I’ve had a tough time trusting the thing. For months after I had the knowing, I just kept on keeping on.

The knowing grew stronger. It was time to accept this new season of my business.

So this summer has been one of experimentation. One of trying easy.

In practical terms, it looked like this:

• Doing my tried + true farmer’s market + very little else.

• Offering pieces through story videos, rather than full on photographed collections.

• Reintroducing previous birthstone collections, instead of reinventing the wheel every time.

• Restocking old favorites, instead of creating new work.

• Swimming, playing with cats, napping, gathering with friends, reading, watching tv, staring out the window. In other words, not working.


I wish I could tell you that trying easy has been easy. It has not. I’ve brushed up against a lot of old wounds + scarcity + limiting beliefs.

It has been awkward + uncomfortable. But I’m doing it. With mixed results (more on that later).

And I’m trusting, or trying to trust, that eventually easy will get easier.

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