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In 2018, I took a yin teacher training. After more than a decade of practicing + teaching a mostly yang style of yoga, my body + soul were ready to soften into a yin practice.

I learned a lot in that training. And in all the yin classes I took around that time. I also learned that I love practicing yin more than I loved teaching yin.

Throughout 2019, I spent most Sunday nights @purelyhotyoga doing a double header. A hot, sweaty 26&2, followed by a delicious, melty yin class. I would leave totally + utterly blissed out. Like I had entered another dimension.

And then in 2020, it all shut down. And when it came back, teachers had moved on, schedules had shifted, and yin no longer fit neatly into my practice schedule.

It was during this time, a seeming break from yin yoga, that the principles I learned from yin wove their way into my daily life, in ways both subtle and profound.


I am tearing up here realizing this. That in that messy soup of pandemic shutdowns, the total reconfiguration of our schedules + lives, the pause, the reassessment, my yin practice had prepared me.

Her lessons held me. And gently permeated my whole being.

And here we are, years later, in July of 2023, and the physical yin practice has circled back for me.

In the same month, two things happened:

1. My home studio @purelyhotyoga switched up their schedule and Wednesday nights are now back-to-back 26&2 and yin yoga and I did that double header for the first time in years and it was just as magical + blissful as I remembered. (Disclaimer: this is not the only way to do yin. It is perfectly legit and whole all on its own. This is just the way my body + soul receive it best.)

2. I was invited to teach intention bracelet + altar creation workshops at a FABULOUS yin retreat off the central coast in October.

I have had this vision of leading workshops at retreats for awhile now. And I am over the moon thrilled that this is happening!!!

All the @meltintoyin retreat deets are in the link in bio.

And if you ever want to bliss out with me on a Wednesday night, lmk.

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