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align + create mala
align + create mala
align + create mala
align + create mala

align + create mala

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This one of a kind, 108 bead, handknotted mala features powerful faceted pyrite beads, and is finished with a luminous selenite wand.


In this mala, white agate forms a foundation of alignment + clarity, while pyrite offers up the confidence to dive deep into our creativity to manifest our heart's desires.



s e l e n i t e

deeply purifying, selenite cleanses our environment and other crystals. it aligns the chakras, fosters a clear mind, and revitalizes the spirit. it helps us to connect with divine light and opens us up to a feeling of deep peace.



p y r i t e

confidence + creativity + prosperity



36 inches

pendant: 2 inches


Each piece is handcrafted with love to remind you of the magic within you + all around you.

* Handmade with love by me in my home studio in Sacramento, California.

* Packaged with care in simple, eco-friendly, rustic style packaging.