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we hold it loosely
we hold it loosely
we hold it loosely
we hold it loosely

we hold it loosely

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Hand-knotted on beige silk, this 108 bead meditation mala is made of 8mm star-cut morganite and 6 mm faceted grey agate, accented with fair trade brass details, and finished with a magical crystal druzy drop. 


Nurturing and nourishing, grey agate lends a soft strength, allowing us to stay centered and grounded, even in difficult circumstances.


Morganite, sometimes known as the stone of divine love, holds us softly, gently leading us into the light. This one is all about keeping our hearts open and energy in flow.


Druzy, that magic sparkly stuff you find inside when you crack open a geode, carries the energy of peace and harmony and instills a sense of wonder.


Part of the  T E N D E R  collection, inspired by soft hues and nurturing energies. Pieces to wear close to your heart. To open. To feel. To heal. From my tender heart to yours.

* Handmade with love by me in my home studio in Sacramento, California.

* Packaged with care in simple, eco-friendly, rustic style packaging.