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wisdom + insight bracelet trio
wisdom + insight bracelet trio

wisdom + insight bracelet trio

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This bracelet trio includes:
one 8 mm green turquoise
one 8 mm rosewood
one 8 mm smoky quartz 



g r e e n   t u r q u o i s e

a stone of great wisdom, it enhances communication between this world and the spiritual worlds. purifying + protective, green turquoise nourishes and restores us to our selves.  it balances our male and female energies + helps us to express our truth clearly and confidently, while also being open to new ideas, continually inviting us learn and grow, becoming steadily more masterful over the course of our lives.


r o s e w o o d


offers sweet protection, removing obstacles and making space, connecting us spiritual realms


s m o k y   q u a r t z


a protector, smoky quartz clears away negativity, while offering gentle insight, and grounding your big intentions here in this earthly realm.


Each bracelet is handcrafted with love to remind you of the magic within you + all around you. 

* Perfect as a stand-alone piece or stacked with other bracelets.

* Packaged with care in simple, eco-friendly, rustic style packaging.

* Strung on stretch cord for easy on and off.

* All of the materials I work with are carefully selected and beautifully unique. Please allow for the subtle variations that make each piece so special.

* Handmade with love by me in my home studio in Sacramento, California.

s i z i n g

extra small : 6.5 inches
small : 7 inches
medium : 7.5 inches
large : 8 inches
extra large : 8.5 inches

To make sure your bracelet fits just right, measure your wrist using a soft tape measure or a string. Measure your wrist at the wrist bone, and add ½ - ¾ inch for a comfortable fit. You can always choose a slightly smaller or larger size depending on your personal fit preference.